Unemployment Is The Norm

I get up early on Monday to go to the gym only to find it packed! I spent at least 20 minutes looking for parking. I tried to join a weightlifting class but it was full with people. I left after trying to find a cardio machine and coming up empty. It seems everyone is unemployed. This seriously hampers my plans to enjoy my free time by working out non-stop and reviving Operation Get Hot. I ended up taking a long walk through the Chandler Bikeway and discovered that my Achilles  Heel  may actually be improving. I felt none of the pinching pain that prevented me from running the LA Marathon this year.

I met my friend for a cup of coffee last night and she advised that I keep a schedule while out of work. She said depression might set in if I don’t keep busy. After all, I’m waking up every day without any structure. I speak to no one whereas at work I would have spoken to at least five people by 9:30 am. She also said not to stress out if everything in my schedule doesn’t get done or takes longer to complete.

It seems unemployment brings with it many new responsibilities.

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One comment

  1. you would be surprised, well, i guess you are, at the amount of people that do not work during the day!

    this goes back beyond the “unemployment crisis” we are going through.
    speaking from experience, most of these people work in the afternoons or the overnights, and there are many of them. Not as much as the good ol’ daytime workforce, but there are many.
    of course there are a lot more now with the unemployment rate increasing.

    i agree with your friend, keep busy, come up with a schedule or something, keep yourself busy because after a while of nothing, depression WILL kick in.

    you would imagine doing nothing all day would be amazing!
    it is, for a while, then you get sick of it.

    Keep busy Fanny!

    welcome to freedom!

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